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Smoktech Basic Gripper - The Smoktech basic gripper is designed primarily as a ‘stealth’ mod, and is designed to fit within a closed hand. It uses a moulded ABS Body, which had a rubberised coating for added grip when holding it.

Even though it is sometimes sold as a mechanical mod, there is still wiring present in the top area of the body, which is needed for the positive connection. The negative connection, is completed by the threaded battery cover which also has a copper hot spring in place which collapses when there is a short present.

The horn style switch has no safety, and as a result, the atomizer/cartomizer must be removed before you put it into your pocket to stop it firing, or you must remove the battery.

The recessed 510 connector means that in order to use a conventional tank system, you MUST use a 510-510 extender. However, some tanks may foul the push switch, so care must be taken when using the device this way. This is not what this body was designed for though, as with an XL cartomizer in place you have a mod body + Carto which fits easily into your hand, and is not visible to any one looking at you.The switch itself, is rated at 2.5Amps, and as such, you must be careful when using sub ohm coils.

Basic body with no carto.

Basic body with XL carto + drip tip.

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