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Market Location



Electric Vape

Electric Vape on on Planet of The Vapes


South Yorkshire Markets




Phone: 07813 131057

Company History

Established in early 2012 we sell tried and tested products that provide a real alternative to smoking. We started initially supplying local friends and shops and were asked to try a local Market. We soon realised that people wanted to try electronic cigarettes first hand and not purchase “blind” from the Internet. This and dealing face to face helped allay any fears or misconceptions they may have had. We focused on providing quality affordable electronic cigarette devices - accessories and e-liquids at local Markets that customers could “try before they buy” We adhere strictly to Local Trading Standards and product compliance. A good productive relationship with both our suppliers and customers has been key for us. Attending Markets in South Yorkshire we have seen our business grow and have expanded supplying local Pubs and Clubs. A home delivery service compliments these activities.

Company Goal

We will continue to react to market demands and will only supply compliant products that are tried and tested by ourselves. Currently e-liquids are purchased direct from the worlds largest manufacturer Hangsen and well known UK produced Guest suppliers. Our business growth remains firmly based on personal recommendations - great reliable products and a customer service second to none ! This has already extended to supplying a local shop with our stock profile and will be adding more Electric Vape market locations this year.

Information submitted on 06/02/2013 by Andrew - Owner of Electric Vape

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