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Coz we have the coil (or 'sausage' lol) sandwiched in on both sides and a wick on top... so, what, the ketchup I guess. Shrug.


  • You'll almost never get a burnt taste! You can CRANK up the power and there's juice rushing its way from 4 angles to the coil.
  • Flavour is purer. Not necessarily super strong, as such, but working on that. Feedback will help.
  • Flavour and throat hit are definitely smoother! I kept getting harsh throat hits randomly before.
  • Piece of PISS to set up...


First I began by adding a single strand of loose cotton just resting to the side of the coil (obviously we have the normal wick going through the middle of the coil too). This seemed to maybe add a little something nice. Kind of like a flavour wick. I then watched the vid on the dragon coil and that weird tripple coil thing and I thought, hell, why not go one step further!

So as you can see from the above diagram, we have that inital wick to the side of the coil, mirrored on the opposite side (so both parellel to each other AND the coil) and then a final wick placed on top which totally covers the top of the coil. All cotton obviously. Each piece is made up of snippings from when I thread my main cotton and trim it to size. So saves wasting cotton also.

That's all built on a regular coil, sitting low on the air hole, mine wasn't a micro but that could be a better choice, and maybe a nano coil would work even better, who knows. Experiment away.

But I cranked this up on a 2ohm coil to 15w and never got a burnt taste!There is a tiny compromise to air flow but it's not that noticeable.

Give it a whirl and let me know what you think by visiting this thread.

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