How To Rebuild a Coil and Wick on a Vivi Nova

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by ado28

Materials used:

.2 Kanthal wire

3mm Silica wick

Long syringe needle (approx 1.5mm in diameter)


Cigarette lighter and scissors

First up cut a small length of kanthal wire. 80mm is fine then flame it


Then take your kanthal wire and start wrapping a coil around a needle syringe or something of a similar diameter that’s round. Don’t worry if your coils are not close together at this stage


Once your finished doing your wraps (the more wraps will increase the resistance) then push the coil tight with your fingers. Don’t worry about them touching as they will spring apart again naturally.


Flame the coil again as this until it glows a cherry red.


Now take your silica wick and a small piece of tinfoil, 20mm x 20mm should be fine and wrap the tinfoil square over the end of the wick to form a needle. This is essential to feed the 3mm wick into a tighter diameter coil. Doing this will ensure that the coil is completely touching the wick in every direction enhancing the flavour and eliminating hotspots.


Once the foil is shaped like a needle then thread it through the coil. You may need to hold the coil with your fingers to pull the wick through so make sure that you don’t squash it.


Once the wick is threaded through simply remove the remains of the tinfoil.


Now you can cut the wick to length and then rebuild your Nova or what other atomiser you are using that has this set up.


This is how I do it and it works perfect every time!

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