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I-Hybrid Review by Todd
I-Hybrid Follow Up Review by Todd
Limited Edition Hellraiser by I-Hybrid Mods
Limited Edition Dragon by I-Hybrid Mods
Dragon and Hellraiser by I-Hybrid Mods

Custom I-Hybrid, Dragon and Hellraiser [http://www.ihybridmods.com/Products.html I-Hybrid Mods

They I-Hybrid is a fully mechanical mod that comes with a matching genesis style atomiser. It can take an 18650 battery or 18490 battery.


Specifications: •Power source: AW IMR18650 1600mAh/2000mAh​

•​AW 18350/ AW 18490 for kick ​

•5ml Fused Quartz

•RBA: Mesh/Coil, Ceramic, Silica

•Adjustable TH

•Top Cap (stainless steel)

•Reservoir Area (stainless steel)

•Tank sleeve (aluminum)

•Battery tubes (aluminum)

•Switch (aluminum)

Photo's by Carlos

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