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[[Main Page]]
[[Main Page]]
What is an [[Electronic Cigarette]] ?
What is a [[Personal Vaporiser]] ?

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So you're here because you heard something about these electronic cigarettes and how they are supposed to help you quit smoking right? Or maybe you are just looking for accurate information that won't mislead you. Whatever the reason, you have come to the right place!

Electronic Cigarettes are an alternative delivery system to obtain nicotine, while avoiding 4000+ other chemicals in traditional cigarettes. A simple battery powered device, heats a small metal coil,your atomiser which in turn heats up a nicotine infused E-Liquid. When the E-Liquid is heated, it creates a relatively safe vapour that you can then inhale and exhale. This motion simulates the use of regular cigarettes.

Have a look around our Wiki for more information and if you are feeling really adventurous head over to our UK Vaping and E-Cigarette forum Planet Of The Vapes, where you will find a large gathering of like minded friendly people who can help you even further.

Main Page What is an Electronic Cigarette ? What is a Personal Vaporiser ?