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England, United Kingdom

Contact information



I am an every day person who is transitioning to Vaping from smoking. I'm not going to hide the fact I still smoke and in my search to find the ideal setup, I'm taking my time to look at the kit available to all.

We were all new to this at some point,. Most of us started with an simple set up like an Ego, or similar piece of kit and then move on. Many of us forget the challenges we faced when we were new ourselves and assume that the acronyms and general knowledge that we gain through vaping is embedded into others at birth. So, I try to remain in the lower end of the market and take my time to look at pieces of kit which have a lower price tag and are more available. I have realised over the many months I have now been vaping that there is a lot of junk out there. On the other hand there are a lot of good quality, and well prices pieces of kit too. While talking to my friends and acquaintances, I have come to realise that lots of people are switching back to cigarettes because of lack of support, poor products and so on, so personally I am trying to help them through this struggle, and also assist others as much as I can en-route.

Future of Reviewing

I'd like to continue to bring some straight to the point thoughts and reviews on products. I'll be as straight as possible, and own up to any mistakes I make. I'll continue to learn myself, and take as much feedback on my reviews to better the next. I prefer a fire and forget method - tinkering might be fun to start with, but if anything starts to become more fussy than sparking up a cigarette then most people will switch back.

Information submitted on 13/04/2013 by James Roberts