Octopus RDA ( Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser )

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jrob3rts demonstrates a re-wick
The Octopus taken apart
Close up of the wick and coil
Size comparison between and IGO-L and 18350 battery
Octopus on a Vamo Variable Wattage Device



The Octopus RDA is a Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser, it is an atomiser in which you drop liquid onto the wick, and continue to do so as the juice gets used. As with all Dripping Atomisers, you have the ability to change flavours without cleaning out the whole device.

The cap is possibly made from Aluminium, the base is made from a hard metal, possible Stainless Steel. There are two thumb screws for tightening down the coil.

This is a low cost device.

The unit comes pre build and no drop tip or spares are provided. This one read 2.0 ohms on the Vamo.

The units has an air hole directly under the coil and wick. The air hole is then directed out to the side of the Octopus and another hole is provided in the cap. It does not seem that you need to align the unit and cap air holes and the vape seems consistent.

Due to the length of the wicks, it is difficult to place the top cap without the wick ending up through the drip tip hole, therefore as of right now, I suggest removing the drip tip only and not the top cap when dripping this one. Sadly there is no 'well' in the device, therefore if you drop too much liquid it will go through the air hole.

Information and photos on this page supplied by forum member jrob3rts

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