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  • ...ated flavours, and optionally, a variable percent of a [[liquid]] nicotine concentrate.They are often sold in a bottle or as pre-filled disposable [[cartridges]]. ...ol how many volts you send to the [[Atomiser]]. This can sometimes improve flavour and the amount of vapour you get from an [[E-Liquid]]
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  • Flavour Concentrate Reviews]==== ====[[Flavour Pairing]]====
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  • ...ou want to make, etc... Problem is they also assume that you know what the flavour % is going to be of the flavouring that you're going to use, which is fine ...l of the recipies I had copied down, from the various forums, stated their flavour %'s as part of the recipe mix. So lets say, for example, a recipe is for 10
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  • ...benefit from added sweetener or chocolate flavour for a true confectionary flavour ...y taste at 10%. Distinct flavour at 16%. Acceptable and discernible cherry flavour, a little like a better quality cherry sweet – not too artificial. As I l
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  • [[category:Flavour Concentrate]]
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