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SteamPunk by ThroatHit

Review by Todd


This is a 3.7v mechanicalmod made in the UK by modder Throathit.

It is a tube mod made of copper with a carbon fibre wrap. It takes 18650 batteries, preferably AW IMR batteries, it can be adjusted easily by turning a screw in the bottom cap to take any make or length 18650 batteries.

The SteamPunk fires up using a bottom button, which is also the bottom cap.

It has a vent hole in the bottom cap for added safety.

It has a standard 510 connection. It comes in two variations, one has a collar around the top for use with regular atomisers,cartomisers,or clearomisers and the other comes with sleeve to fit tanks.

They are made to order by contacting Throathit through the forum.

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