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* 22 overall diameter
* 22 overall diameter
* Height without [[drip tip]]: 54.5mm (Approx.)
* Height without [[Drip Tip]]: 54.5mm (Approx.)
==How to build==
==How to build==

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  • Removable top cap
  • Can be filled from the top
  • Bottom airflow control ring
  • Uses 0.5ohm to 3ohm coils
  • 510 connection with adjustable center pin
  • 22 overall diameter
  • Height without Drip Tip: 54.5mm (Approx.)

How to build

Please Note: The atty is for advanced vapers and is not recommended for beginners without any knowledge on how to build a RBA or a RDA. And the Fogger V2 does have a glass tank, so please be careful when disassembling.

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