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11 South Street



West Yorkshire


United Kingdom



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Company History

I started vaping back in late March 2012. I sampled lots of juices, I then decided to try mixing my own. After a bit of time and practive I decided to start sharing my flavours with other vapers.I decided to launch in January 2013, I have had positive feedback on my flavours and am always trying to improve my recipes as well as adding more flavours to the range.Rather than releasing standard flavours that you can find all over the internet, I decided to provide custom made flavours that are a pleasure to vape.

Company Goal

My goal is to provide flavours that can't be found elsewhere. I have had very good feedback regarding customer service and I aim to keep the same standard that you would expect elsewhere. I never release a flavour that I am not happy to vape myself. None of my flavours are mass made so you can be sure that you are getting a flavour that is unique and a pleasure to vape.

Information submitted on 23/02/2013 by Billy-Owner of VapingKing

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