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Product Name: Banana Flavour

Product Code: 0018

Description: A clear to pale yellow mobile liquid

Weight/[email protected] 20 °C: 1.021 to 1.081

Refractive Index @ 20 °C: 1.4265 to 1.4397

Acidity: Nil

Preservative: Absent

Aroma: Ripe fruity notes

Taste: Characteristic of banana

Suggested rate of use: From 0.1%

Suggested Applications:

1. Fondants

2. Ice Cream

3. General Confectionery

4. Bakery

Solvent: Mono-Propylene Glycol

Legal Status: Nature Identical

May be declared as: 1. Flavourings

2. Nature Identical Flavourings

Additives Present: None

Not suitable for use in: N/a

Microbiological Information: Nutritional Data /100g

Total Plate Count: <2000 Calories (Kcals/KJ): 570/2424

Coliform/E.Coli: Absent Carbohydrate: Nil

Yeasts and Moulds: Absent Protein: Nil

Salmonella: Absent Total Sugars: Nil

Fibre: Nil

Moisture: <1.0

Packing: plastic containers

Storage: Cool, away from direct light and strong odours

Shelf Life: 12 months from delivery.

This product is a concentrated flavouring for foodstuffs and it complies with current UK and EEC legislation.

Notes: Issue number 3 Date: 23/03/01 (Format revised)

This copy issued:13/04/12

The information given is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of issue.