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CE2 Clearomiser


These are a top coiled clearomiser, providing great flavour and a warm vape. Although they can come with a black or stainless tube they are more commonly transparent, smoked or coloured tubes.

They come in low, regular and high resistance, the most commonly stocked being 2.4-2.6 ohms or 2.8-3.0 ohms. They come in standard (0.9ml), XL(1.8ml and XXL (3.5ml).

They are most famously made by Royal Smokers, although there are other manufacturers.

There have been several revisions each offering slight improvements as well as the ultimate range.

In a box of 5 you also get a filling needle and a rubber drip tip although most 510 drip tips will fit with a little twisting. They are meant to work straight out the box, in reality they need a little tweaking to get the best out of them. Check out the tutorial

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