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Koosailla Wood Mod
Each Mod comes in a beautiful wooden keepsake box with a Certificate of Authenticity
Coin Insert
Back of Koosailla with contrasting wood closure

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Choice Wood

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Company History

Choice Wood is currently a one-man business that started towards the end of 2012. I was introduced to vaping around October 2011 and took to it straight away. I have always had a love of working with wood and pretty soon realised that there were very few companies, large or small, making wooden devices. So, I set about designing my product and after much blood, sweat and tears and having tested out several prototypes, I began making the Koosailla.

Company Goal

The immediate goal is to produce more of the original product in a range of woods. I source the wood from a Cornish saw mill and currently have a selection in stock with fantastic grains and colours. As well as producing my products from local sustainable sources, I intend to work on some new designs that will differ in size according to the required battery and may also incorporate Variable Voltage or Variable Wattage. I am currently working on this full time and, if the level of demand is high enough, it would be great to employ some local staff.

Information submitted on 06/02/2013 by Adam-Owner of Choice Wood

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