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Abbreviation for E-Cigarette Consumer Association. Website

ECCA UK LTD is the Electronic Cigarette Consumers Association for the United Kingdom. ECCA initially formed in 2010 with the aim of protecting consumers’ rights in the relatively new UK electronic cigarette market. Its primary focus at that time was to ensure the ongoing availability of the products themselves – fighting the UK regulators who were considering banning them. Since ECCA’s formation, hundreds of thousands of people have discovered, and switched to, electronic cigarettes and many more are switching every day. The rapid growth of the market has brought with it a similar rise in the numbers of vendors offering products to the consumer – on-line retailers, home businesses, market traders and the more traditional “bricks n mortar” shops, including the giant supermarket chains.The breadth of choice is bewildering, the terminology is confusing and the quality of the products is not always as it should be.In December 2012, the regulatory battle moved to Europe. In March 2013, the number of people in the UK estimated to be using electronic cigarettes hit 1 million*. This milestone brought a review of ECCAs objectives and, although advocacy still remains an important activity, ECCA now focus on a broad range of consumer issues. We aim to

  • Ensure that all users of electronic cigarettes in the UK have access to safe, affordable and effective products

  • Provide independent, unbiased, education and information resources to empower consumers

  • Ensure that industry self-regulation is demonstrably effective

  • Provide news updates and product safety information

  • Represent consumer interests and rights to governmental organisations and legislators

ECCA is an independent organisation staffed entirely by volunteers. We are not for profit. Funding and donations are used solely to further the objectives of the association.


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