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ECF Israel

The forum is an Israeli forum in the Hebrew language and it serves Hebrew speakers worldwide. Having said that, we can communicate in English and welcome English speaking members just as well.






A year ago, someone started a thread in another forum's off-topic section about e-cigs. As a vaper for 3 months after more than 20 years of smoking, I was happy to contribute from my knowledge and experience. This has created a lot of interest among curious smokers who wanted to follow me and quit. So the thread started growing rapidly.

Since the access to post in the off-topic section of that forum is limited to those who are members for at least a year, Many of the existing members which had no access and new members who found the thread via google while reviewing e-cigs, as an alternative started blasting me with private messages as the thread became to long to read it through for them.

With time, this grew and grew and became too overwhelming and I simply couldn't help them all by my self. Although I really wanted to. I was looking for alternative information sources in Hebrew but unfortunately, none existed. Eventually I realized that the only way to keep helping others break free from smoking would be to create a vaping information resource by myself. I have established the forum and once I announced it, many of those I helped quit smoking joined me and helped me to fill it with information as well as help others to quit smoking.

Future Outlook

I'm proud of what I've established. The forum community is of great people who became friends, they are welcoming and supportive. We are a "pay it forward" forum and we are happy about it.

Information submitted on 28/03/2013 by Meir, owner of ECF Israel

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