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What is ECITA?

ECITA (EU) Ltd was formed specifically to research and apply all the relevant and appropriate regulations, as codified in law, which govern the sale of electronic cigarettes. Since electronic cigarettes are neither legally-definable as medicinal products, nor as tobacco products, we worked closely with Trading Standards on discovering all the relevant regulatory law for general consumer products. These have been brought together into the Industry Standard of Excellence (ISE)[1] guidebook, which is supplied to our members as well as to government enforcement agents, and which we use to audit our members bi-annually.

Our membership is made up of Electronic Cigarette vendors and manufacturers who are committed to full legal compliance and the highest possible standards of product quality, safety, customer service, and excellent business practices in all areas.

What has ECITA Achieved?

ECITA (EU) Ltd has improved standards across its membership, and we have seen this with non-members too, as they seek to reassure their customers. We have conducted a significant amount of testing of a wide range of eliquids, proving that there is nothing in there that is harmful, i.e. no contamination, and verifying that stated nicotine contents are correct.

Joining to form ECITA has given the industry a unified ‘voice’, as evidenced by the ongoing correspondence between ECITA and UK government departments, and the European Commission. We are enormously proud to have an internationally-respected reputation.

Members of ECITA

What are ECITA's goals for the future?

We continue to hope for strong leadership from policy makers, recognising that Electronic Cigarettes should be classified as general consumer products, subject to enforcement of the General Product Safety Directive and other appropriate legislation. The reclassification of Electronic Cigarette products as medicines would, we maintain, be to waste an opportunity. The same is true if they were reclassified as tobacco products, despite containing no tobacco.

We sincerely hope that there will be a renewed emphasis on the importance of accurately reported real scientific evidence, rather than the reliance upon biased and inaccurately reported junk science. In this way, we hope that policy-makers can be better informed about the realities of the issues they are deciding on, thus resulting in better decision-making. We believe that ECITA will continue to have a role in providing self-regulation from within the industry to support government regulators in ensuring that the high standards set by ECITA’s members are replicated across the global industry.

Additional Information

For more information on what ECITA is about, please read the ECITA Quarterly Update[2]

Contact ECITA

Phone: 0845 6440 675


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  2. ECITA Quarterly Update
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