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Photo Credit: jrob3rts


Photo Credit: jrob3rts
Photo Credit: jrob3rts
Nautilus Wicking Guide

Information provided by jrob3rts

This is a clone of the Odyseus, it's caled the Nautilus - Not to be confused with (what is typically called a poor copy) the Nauti. Unlike a typical clone, this is either a direct copy, or incredibly close.....

So, this is an atomizer that I, like a couple of people have been looking at for a while. The reviews I have seen really give it praise. But like many review, as with this one, it's all down to personal preference.

I will look at the following categories over the next few days to try and give it a good change to live up to my expectations:

  • Design & Build
  • Ease of Use
  • Vape Quality
  • What I like about it
  • What I do not like about it

Design & Build

This is clearly a piece of kit in which some effort and time has been spent. As mentioned beforehand, it's a clone, so of course the initial congrats should probably go to the creator of the Odyseus, but this is specific to the Nautilus so congrats for a nicely finished and though about copy.

Each piece of this atomizer is nicely built and finished. The finish is brushed, maybe satin.

The wick is held at the top of a ceramic cup and it extends into the base of the atomizer. The coil wraps around the wick, with enough space for up to 7 or so wraps if you should wish - It is however going to be tight at that level. It is suggested that you use "no-res" wire on the tails of the coil which gives you the advantage of being able to size up your coil beforehand rather than taking the normal route of "ah fek it, let's just see."

The centre pin of the 510 connector allows for up / down adjustment. This is fixed once you have built the unit but does allow you to adjust it to suit your setup and needs - It also allows you to consider airflow, or least being able to ensure it's good.

The juice sits outside of the centre wicking column, and is drawn into the wicking chamber via a combination of gravity and pressure difference within the central chamber.

The mouth piece / drip tip is integral to the design and is not replaceable like some other devices.

All parts, from what I can see are replaceable and available. This device originated from and they seem to stock all parts you may need.

Once together, the pieces align up well with only tiny discrepancies in the joins. Most people would never notice but I am trying to be mega picky here.

I have no doubts that this will outlast many of the cheaper items available on the market and in my eyes, I consider this to be a good piece of kit in terms of build quality.

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