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Nebula Vapor

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Nebula Vapor

3735 Bakertown Rd.

Nashville, TN 37211

United States


Phone 1:(615)300-7043


Company History

Nebula Vapor focuses mostly on smokers and vaping newbies, and, as such, spends a lot of time blogging and making tutorials geared towards helping out the new vaper.

We started as a company that wasn’t a company. It started when Xi was out and about, and kept getting questions from people about what exactly it was that she was doing, when they saw her using various sorts of electronic cigarettes.

Many people immediately wanted to know where they could go to get the same kind of product. They wanted to know all about it. So she explained and she sent people to sites online. But these people wanted to have these products in their hands NOW. So we bought a few supplies, so that she could put those products in their hands at that moment, and the idea of a business bloomed. She gave those people her phone number, and they called with questions, to ask for suggestions, to find out where to get more supplies and upgrades.

Company Goal

We strive to maintain that type of customer service at Nebula Vapor. We want to be available to our customers to answer your questions as you continue to vape. We want to be approachable and helpful and ready to help you with all of your vaping needs and desires.

No matter how big our company becomes, we hope to maintain the “small town” atmosphere. While we do make a profit, our main reason for being avendor is so that we can help people when and where they need it. Though our customers come from all walks of life and several parts of the country, we hope to continue to have a local atmosphere. As vapers ourselves, we’re ready to help educate and serve from that perspective. A nebula, after all, is the birthplace and cradle of stars.

Information submitted on 21/02/2013 by Trill-Owner of Nebula Vapor

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