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Planet Of The Vapes Forum - POTV


POTV is located in the United Kingdom but has members from all around the world.


Support and Help Desk


POTV began in July 2012 after it started as a temporary forum for the recently shut down UKVapers Forum. Members liked the atmosphere of the forum and a new name was put to vote. The member chose the POTV name and owner Toby Kilroy designed the logo. The forum runs on a relaxed rule basis and believes that our members attitudes set the scene for new members. With over 2500 (as of June 2013) members and climbing every day, POTV still remains relaxed, laid back, and a great place to have a laugh with your new mates.

POTV, is more than just a forum and offers a range of services free to members and non members alike:

Future Outlook

Our future goals are to keep giving back to the community, providing them with quality information, and expanding further on all of the services we currently offer.

Information submitted on 02/06/2013

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