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PlumeBlu Office

12 Lennox Road



S6 4FL



Telephone: 0114 221 6404


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Company History

Going from a yo-yo smoker/quitter and never managing off the smokes for longer than a year at a time I eventually was introduced to an ecig and immediately saw the benefits. From there came supplying family and friends and I began looking into making it more official and as a result ordered a few boxes of samples from a wide range of companies.

Jog on three months and the supply was setup, the website was ready to go and I had done as much research as possible to be sure that I could give correct information about the products I intended to sell - then disaster struck!

The first batch of products meant for sale were not up to standard, being a responsible person I would not sell anything that I would not use myself and so it was back to the drawing board for a few more weeks to iron out the problems but eventually we got there with a new supplier at a slightly higher price but more reliable quality control.

Within weeks the first supplies had gone and I was looking at bigger and better things, the atomisers everyone else offered, while pretty much standard for starters, were just not good enough in my eyes and I began bringing in a new type (H2 and H5) which have been pretty much universally approved by all that have tried them. This is the kind of direction that PlueBlu intends to go as a company, offering the products that people want and wherever possible to try and innovate by choosing upgraded systems if they become available.

Our focus is not to offer the cheapest prices, we do what we can of course but primarily we want all stock to exceed expectation in terms of performance and quality so we choose reputable suppliers and direct our attentions to customer satisfaction from point of sale to delivery.

Company Goals

Originally the plan was to open a bricks and mortar shop in my local area, however there have been a number of units that have either fully or half heartedly entered the market and until recently with the E.U. plans to kill off this thriving industry it was decided to go online only for now with the view to expanding into a good sized premises that will offer a social setting as well as retail.

As we grow so does our shiny lust too, it has always been the aim to offer a wide range of hardware and liquids but to start small and take each step slowly, only offering new ranges when we have the expertise to do so and only for products that perform to our expectation - be that cost or function.

We work tirelessly to ensure than our customers are happy with their purchase and find that a customer that is happy to refer a friend or loved one is of much higher value than a quick and cheap sale.

We love to interact with customers present and future and enjoy an active membership on Planet of the Vapes forum where we welcome any feedback or reviews about our product or service

Information submitted on 21/10/2013 by Leigh-Owner of plumeBlu

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