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The Provari V2 mod from ProVape is a Variable Voltage device and is at the higher end of the price range for Mods and Devices. The Provari is known in the electronic cigarette communities as being the best device on the market. It is extremely robust and very well made. The device comes in many options, including a mini size. There is a variety of colours to choose from, as well as different coloured LCD displays.The device is activated by a matching LED coloured button to the LCD screen.

The ProVari is ProVape's ultimate Variable Voltage electronic cigarette. The Provari is a microprocessor controlled variable e-cig that lets you adjust the voltage with just a few presses of a button.
Review by Todd

Black Provari V2 with Red LED Screen. Complete with Siam Mods 306 Atomosier Drip Tip Photo Credit: KMS



• Microprocessor controlled

• 2.9-6.0 Variable Voltage range with .1 volt increments

• Built-in digital display

• AccuSet™ Technology - Self-Calibration Feature

• Atomizer Ohm's checker built-in

Battery voltage checker built-in

• Translucent light-up pushbutton with low battery indicator

• Single battery design

• Stock 510 connection

• Classy looking and made of stainless steel

• 16 second safety cutoff

• Short circuit protection

• Reverse battery protection

• Thermal monitoring system

• Amperage limiting

Battery monitor and over-discharge protection

• Laser etched logo

• Vented for added safety

• Proudly made in the USA

• 1 Year warranty with optional 2 year warranty

• Measures - 4.1" L X .90" Dia.(without atomizer)

• Weight - 4.2 ounces (without battery)

Menu System

Pu – Power Up

Pd – Power Down

Po – Power On/Off

Cb – Check Battery

Ao – Atomizer Ohms

Lo – Led Light On/Off

Error Codes

  • E1 – Short Circuit / Shorted Atomizer – If this error appears, remove the atomizer and replace with a different oneor lower your voltage settings. The ProVari will automatically reset when the problem is fixed.
  • E2 – Current Limit Exceeded – If this error appears, lower the voltage on the device or use a higher resistanceatomizer. Once the problem has been fixed, the ProVari will reset itself.
  • E3 – Thermal Monitor – If this error appears, let the device cool off for several minutes before using again.
  • E4 – Input Voltage to DC/DC converter error - Contact ProVape.
  • E5 – Converter has a problem - Contact ProVape.
  • E6 - Microprocessor has a problem – Contact ProVape.
  • E7 – Voltage output detected when there should be none – This can be caused by a converter fault or by an openatomizer. Only contact ProVape if you know the atomizer is good and the problem persists.
  • E8 – Converter has detected a fault – Contact ProVape is this persists.


No known recurring issues. However, there was a Provari V1 that was replaced about a year later with the V2 so that the device could handle lower Ohms.