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Carto Punch


V2 Carto Punch. New with anti deform sleeve measured to sit flush with the bottom of the cart to avoid the need for measuring where to punch the hole. Simply line it up and punch. The new s45 hardened screw has been made from a mould specially made and the steel poured, heat treated, quenched and plated to give a super hard wearing point for cart punching.

Tank Filler Tool

Delrin filler tip V2 designed to make the filling of your tank easy and mess free. The use of the filler tip also eliminated the need to remove and replace your tank end caps which are prone to compressing air in the tank result in in juice overflow. Another feature is to help preserve the life of the internal o rings and stop the sharp edges of your cart catching on the o ring when inserting it into the tank. The design was first introduced by Siam Mods and copied by others due to the simplicity of the idea and advantages it has to filling your tank.

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