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The Tankometer showing a reading


The Tankometer is a handy gadget for testing the battery and output voltage of your ecig/mod, Made by UK Mod Maker deejay. It has 510 connections on the top and bottom. Simply screw it on toyour device and press fire and it will display the voltage of your batteries,or if it's a variable voltage mod it will show exactly what voltage it is outputting. You can then put an atomiser on top of The Tankometer to display the voltage 'under load'. Simply screw/unscrew your atty to compare the voltage drop you are getting.

This is a perfect tool for those using the Kick by Evolv. Please remember you will need to have an atomiser connected to the Tankometer for it to display the voltage while using the Kick,as it needs to know the resistance of your atty to calculate the voltage it will output before it will work.

Note: The Tankometer works with almost all 3.7v mods (too many to list in full). It also works with most VV mods including the Provari, Buzz Pro. It will not work with The Touchwood and a few other mods which the battery is placed upside down. It also will not work with a small minority of mods which use pulse width modulation (PWM) such as Joye eGo's & The Evo. If you are unsure if it will work with your device please ask.

Update: Tested on the eGo Twist and works perfectly.

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