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I’ve just bought a Variable Voltage / Wattage device, what settings should I use?

Both Voltage and Wattage settings affect how much vapour and flavour you get from your atomiser, so which should you choose?

Strangely they are both the same! But one works manually the other automatically.

So if you’re wondering why there are two settings, it’s because older / cheaper devices only allowed you to change voltages so people were used to that setting, by including it the makers have catered for people who had Variable Voltage only devices like the Provari.

So how do I use these settings?

The Volts setting gives a manual setting of the power output (Watts = Volts2 / Ohms), you can look up the safe voltages – there is a chart in the Wiki section (too high a setting will shorten the life of your coil), or calculate the voltage you want using Volts = (Watts x Ohms)2, as you can see this is quite complicated.

Fortunately modern microelectronics allows all this to be done by a chip inside your device so the Watts setting automatically adjusts the voltage to give the Watts level of your choice regardless of the Ohms reading of your coil. Most people Vape at 7 to 8 watts so you should set your power level there and try vaping your juice. You can then adjust the power level up or down to suit your liquid. Some liquids will change their flavour profiles at different wattages – Snake oil is a good example of this so you may need to change settings when you change liquids.

Remember: If you set wattage then don't change the volts setting, you cannot use both as when you set one it overrides the other.

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