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West Midlands

United Kingdom



Phone 1: 07542 103606

Company History

Vape-Space was started by two friends (Andy & Paul) who began their own vaping journey at the beginning of 2011, after going through most products available at the time and realised how useful vaping could be to others, we decided to setup the company and start spreading the word.With the knowledge we had picked up through our own experiences Vape-Space limited was formed with the aim to provide great products at great prices with the best customer support we can deliver.Starting with the online shop and moving on to also do Bescott market, we are now in the process of trawling through properties to open our first bricks and mortar shop in the West Midlands within the next few weeks.

Company Goal

Our primary goal is and always has been customer support, we aim to resolve all issues as quickly and efficiantly as possible.This combined with products we are confident in and fair prices.

Information submitted on 29/03/2013 by Andy and Paul, Owners of Vape-Space

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