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VaperCaper Ltd

1 Hartington Road





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Phone: 01722 502507

You can send tweets to @VaperCaper

You can send us a message via Facebook

Company History

Mark, the founder of VaperCaper discovered vaping in late 2011. After trying several other methods to quit smoking with little success vaping worked practically overnight. VaperCaper was launched in May 2012 and has been quietly growing and expanding since.

Company Goals

We aim to provide vaping supplies to customers as quickly and as hassle free as possible at honest prices with no postage costs. We aim to sort out any issues you might have with any of the products we sell as fast as we can too, as we understand that noone likes spending their hard earned cash on things that don't work. We provide a good basic range of kit and try to source some of the harder to find e-liquids from further afield that we rate highly and can bring to a UK audience.

We also have plans for our own range of e-liquids that will be individual as well excellent value for money.

Information submitted on 21/10/2013 by Mark-Owner of Vaper Caper

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