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Darlington, Rhode Island



Phone 1: 855.401.VAPE

Phone 2: 401-680-0244


Company History

Vaporetti got started with my passion of wanting to help people find a high quality smoking alternative. Along my own transition from traditional smoking into the world of vaping inspired my interest in this market. We basically just started out with strong desire to create a luxury e-cigarette product since there were not many in the market. We wanted to produce a luxury e-cigarette brand with an opulent Italian inspired concept and premium E-Liquid line of gourmet Italian inspired flavors with the highest quality ingredients that money can buy. Plus, we wanted to create a whole feeling or experience with Vaporetti that transported the user to the classically rich and sumptuous decadence of Italy. This concept is clearly reflected in our V-Drop™ flavors, such as Italian Tuscan Trifle, Strawberry Gelato, Espresso Italiano, Peach Bellini, and Limóncello, just to name a few. We wanted to transport our customers to Italy with each vape of our V-Drops™ E-liquid with the highest quality ingredients that money can buy..That is how Vaporetti® was born...

Company Goal

Our goal here at Vaporetti® LLC, is to produce and sell luxury, high quality Electronic Cigarettes and e-Liquid to discriminating vapers worldwide. Vaporetti® products include our elegant, sophisticated electronic cigarettes, such as the Don-C™, Capo-C™ and our *5 star rated Vaporetto-T™ luxury model Electronic Cigarettes and their coordinating accessories as well as our selection of exquisitely authentic tasting, USA made V-Drops™ premium E-Liquid with 100% natural flavors. *We are very proud to say that our Vaporetto-T model Electronic Cigarette was rated 5 stars in Spin Fuel Magazine. We truly love what we do and our customers since they are heart of our company we will continue to please them by adding more great products and V-Drops E-Liquid flavors.

Information submitted on 25/02/2013 by Lisa-Owner of Vaporetti

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