Z-Max V1

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The Red Z-Max V1 LCD Screen
Z-max v1. Photo Credit ZT

The Z-Max V1 mod from Smoktech is a Variable Voltage and Variable Wattage device at a relatively cheap cost. Solidly built from either chrome or stainless steel the Z-Max V1 also features a red LCD screen for accessing the various menu options available. The menu is operated by a single round plastic button located under the LCD screen, the button is also used for activating the device.

Photo Credit: ZT


  • Variable Wattage - Adjustable from 3W to 15W (0.5W increments)
  • Variable Voltage - Adjustable from 3.0V to 6.0V (0.1V increments)
  • Intelligent auto PCB when in VW mode to automatically calculate the correct output based on atomiser resistance
  • Red 3 Digit LED display
  • 510/eGo Threading
  • Chrome plated finish
  • Single IMR 18650 battery required for operation
  • 4 AMP PCB limit
  • Check atomiser/cartomiser resistance
  • Check battery remaining voltage
  • Low Battery Indication
  • Check atomiser/cartomiser output voltage
  • Check battery output voltage
  • Reverse Battery Connect Protection
  • Atomiser/Cartomiser Short Protection
  • Great durable button which lights when in use and flashes when the battery is running low
  • Width: 21mm, Length: 118mm

Menu System

  1. Uu – Voltage Up
  2. Ud – Voltage Down
  3. So – Standby (On/Off)
  4. Uc – Check voltage of battery
  5. Ds – Various Displays Sub-Menu
    1. Do – Display atomiser/Cartomiser output voltage
    2. Du – Display battery output voltage
    3. Dr – Display atomiser/cartomiser resistance
  6. LED On/Off
  7. Voltage Power
    1. Po: Constant Power operation
    2. Uo: Constant Voltage operation

Error Codes

LOR - Atomiser/cartomiser resistance is too low.

LOU - Battery voltage is too low, replace or charge battery.

WSC - Short circuit in faulty atomiser/cartomiser.


Unfortunately, the Z-Max V1 was found to be quite inaccurate in it's voltage settings and Smoktech quickly released the Z-Max V2 whilst Shenzhen Sigelei Technology released the OLED sporting Z-Max Sigelei